[assembly instructions] RPi4 Unity Case with Fan

Kiwi Electronics' Unity enclosure is a laser-cut enclosure that is relatively easy to assemble and provides protection for the Raspberry Pi and any HAT/addon boards.

Note: Correct order of assembly is important to avoid breaking parts when assembling.

Parts list

  • 6x acrylic parts
  • 30mm 5V fan
  • 4x 6mm M2.5 screw
  • 4x 10mm M2.5 screw
  • 4x 20mm F/F hex spacer
  • 4x M2.5 nut
  • 4x 1mm plastic spacer
  • 4x rubber foot

Step 1

Mount the fan with the wire output facing the short side of the cover with the text against the plate with the nuts and bolts that come with the fan.


Step 2

Use the 10mm screws with the plastic washers and nuts and tighten them on the base plate. Stick the rubber feet so that they are not in front of the openings and your Pi will be stable later.DSC_0058.JPG


Step 3

Place the Raspberry Pi 4 on the base plate with the cutout facing the SD Card Holder.DSC_0057.JPG


Step 4

Screw the spacers onto the protruding bolts so that the Pi is now firmly mounted on the base plate.DSC_0056.JPG


Step 5

Now carefully place the side with the cutouts for the power supply and HDMI connectors.DSC_0055.JPG


Step 6

Then the side to the USB and network connectors. Note! This can only be mounted one way. The network port is slightly lower, from this you can see if you have placed it around correctly.DSC_0054.JPG

Step 7

Put the back on with the cutout facing the SD card holder.DSC_0053.JPG

Step 8

Carefully snap on the last side.DSC_0052.JPG

Step 9

Connect the fan to the GPIO pins. Red to pin 4 (5V) and black to pin 6 (Ground). (see drawing)

Never do this with the Raspberry Pi connected to the power supply!



Finally, screw on the lid. And your enclosure is ready!